Good Job Chilote

Photo by Catalina Kulczar | Art direction by Dirty Bandits

Part of my series with Catalina Kulczar called You’re Doing a Good Job. Catalina had three pairs of Chilote slippers for her family and raved about them. They are so lovely and special and it was a delight to learn more about them.

Chilote’s wool slippers with salmon-skin bottoms employ artisan women in Patagonia to make every pair, empowering communities through wages while maintaining a historic craft. I particularly love that they created a safe and supportive environment for female workers.

I was super excited to learn that they are also a certified B Corp. I applaud them – this is a very difficult classification to achieve and it speaks volumes to what they have accomplished. If you don’t know what B Corps are, you can read more here.

Good Job Adidas

Shot by Catalina Kulczar | Art direction & lettering by Dirty Bandits
Sound by Kind Stranger

From our series You’re Doing a Good Job we bring you this fun little stop motion video that tells to story of how this line developed by Adidas and Parley has come to make an environmental impact. Adidas partnered with the ocean cleanup org Parley to make shoes and clothing out of plastic bottles salvaged from beaches. Helping to keep our beaches cleaner, our oceans freer of plastic and our feet ready to run!

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You’re Doing a Good Job

These posts are all unsolicited, unpaid and unsponsored. I am doing this with Catalina Kulczar to share uplifting stories of companies doing good in the world. We are more than just a pretty image, we stand for something greater than ourselves and we support whole heartedly those working to create better work environments, more ecologically sound products, and foster a sense of belonging for all.

Lettering and animation by Dirty Bandits

In sitting down at the beginning of the year I set out to look at my business and think about where I was and where I wanted to be. I was feeling stagnant but what sort of change was I looking for? What projects had been the most rewarding? What was I the most proud of?

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