Good Job Tom Tom Mag

Shot by Catalina Kulczar | Art Direction & Lettering by Dirty Bandits
Sound by Kind Stranger

Tom Tom Mag is the only magazine devoted to female drummers, capturing an incredible range of individuals. This year marks their 10th year in print which is totally impressive with quarterly issues available both in print and online with Issu.

They also started the Hit Like A Girl Contest, the only contest for lady drummers that is 8 years running. Look to these ladies for a how-to on uniting and uplifting female communities.

The founder, Mindy Abovitz, is Catalina’s studiomate. Since we already had the overhead camera set up going we put down some pink paper, grabbed some drum sticks and tried to coordinate hitting and letters appearing. It was an awkward set up to say the least and it was cute when it was done. But once we passed it off to Drew for sound is when it really came to life!