Good Job Adidas

Shot by Catalina Kulczar | Art direction & lettering by Dirty Bandits
Sound by Kind Stranger

From our series You’re Doing a Good Job we bring you this fun little stop motion video that tells to story of how this line developed by Adidas and Parley has come to make an environmental impact. Adidas partnered with the ocean cleanup org Parley to make shoes and clothing out of plastic bottles salvaged from beaches. Helping to keep our beaches cleaner, our oceans freer of plastic and our feet ready to run!


To get started we went around the all the recycle bins in Catalina’s building and just grabbed armfulls of plastic bags and recycling, rinsed it out and plopped down on the floor in her studio. We wanted to tell the story of plastic garbage going in and shoes coming out!

A day in the life…

We moved the pieces of trash in towards the box with each shot, cutting down items as they jumped into the box to give the illusion they were disappearing into the box. We left the plastic cap to scurry in after it’s friends to the recycling party trying to add a bit more personality.

When we were done getting all the shots, I added some lettering to a few of the stills and we put them all together in a short stop motion. We sent them off to the sound magician Drew Joy (@_kindstranger) who was able to bring the whole story to life with the audio track.

I actually bought these sneakers for us to film this and I freaking love them. Had thought about returning them afterwards but they are so light, so perfect. These sneakers were designed by Stella McCartney as well and just my style – I’m a sucker for anything black and white pattern.

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