Make the Mural Bigger (Part 1) : The Grid Method

Do you any of you remember that amazing meme (back before we even knew the word meme) for Make the Logo Bigger?

Anyway, One of the most common questions I get from illustrators and lettering artists is how to translate their design to a wall. So here is the first in a series blog posts featuring different methods to go from design on a computer to mural on a wall!

One of the easiest ways to make your mural bigger is just to make a simple corresponding grid on the wall and on your design and use that to help keep you proportions and dimensions correct.

1) Get the exact dimensions of the wall you’ll be painting on. Be sure your design is proportional in comparison to the actual wall. Meaning if your wall is a 5:2 ratio of width to height be sure the design you’re mocking up is also a 5:2 ratio of width to height. If possible, get a straight on photo of the wall you’ll be painting on and layout your artwork on that photo.

My mockup with a grid super imposed
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