Who the hell has a blog in 2019?

Mural painted with Vexta in 2017 on my birthday after we attended a talk on dark matter.

For me, being a good designer means being a good story teller. As much as I love pretty pictures on Instagram and a solid design portfolio I couldn’t quite figure out where would be a nice place for me house all the stories? I can’t control my platform on Instagram and I’m constantly trying to keep my portfolio slim. The answer felt so obvious, a blog! I haven’t had a blog since 2006 and frankly, I miss it. 

On this blog I will share more of my process besides what you may catch a glimpse of on IG Stories, my tools and tips for other designers and illustrators, advice for freelancing, stories behind my personal projects and stories about my clients. 

Hopefully there will be something inspiring here for you at some point.